Martin Scorsese Collection - LUT Pack

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This LUT pack contains 15 colour grading LUT's based on various different films directed by Steven Spielberg. Make your film look more cinematic by using the same colours the professionals use. All the presets are based on the sample still frames included in the pack and on here.


After Hours

Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore


Gangs of New York



Mean Streets

New York, New York

Shutter Island

Taxi Driver

The Aviator

The Colour of Money

The Departed

The Last Temptation Of Christ

The Wolf of Wall Street

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Bart Slaughter
These LUTS are nuts

I produce a lot of short videos off of iphone, gopro and drone footage. Applying the LUTHUT director pack really takes the finished product to another level; it's the secret sauce that oooo-aaaa's the audience. I 5-star recommend getting one or all of them today!

Ryan Plewacki
totally great!

colors are amazing!

Evan Jacobs
Great product and customer service was A+

I've been making low budget movies since 1995. I was inspired by Martin Scorsese so when I saw his LUT pack I had to have it.
It is awesome! The colors it affords make help make my movies look so much richer!

Joseph De Leo
Scorsese luts rock!!!

The cuts are awesome. They are about as close, so far, in replicating some of Scorsese’s works. The ones I found most potent are the mean streets and Wolf of Wall street lots. They are a must have for any filmmaker.

Isaiah McAye

Martin Scorsese Collection - LUT Pack